PacVac Velo battery back pack vac

Stock Code: PVVELO

The up-keeper for confined spaces such as stairs, transport vehicles, retail spaces and gyms. Velo cordless commercial backpack vacuum is perfect for maintenance cleaning with maximum productivity. Designed with leading-edge, lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology, and engineered with a brushless motor; it’s durable, long-lasting and an enhanced performer.

With a 4-stage filtration system including a HEPA filter, Velo creates a cleaner environment for its user.

*Velo comes with ten disposable paper sealed dust bags and one reusable SMS dust bag in the box

Vacuum motor 250W single-stage flow through 36V BLDC

Power source 2 x 18V 6.0Ah (108Wh) lithium-ion batteries

Battery run-time Up to 50 minutes per set of 2 batteries

Battery charge-time 1 hour 45 minutes per set of 2 batteries

Noise level (at 1.5m) 65dB(A)

Filtration 4-stage filtration with HEPA filter

Volumetric airflow (max.) 21L/sec

Capacity 2.5L

Weight 4.6kg (with battery pack, excluding hose)

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