Taski Balimat 45 Manual Sweeper

Stock Code: JD8004690

TASKI Balimat 45 manual sweeper provides excellent cleaning results. The machines side brushes guide loose dirt from corners and edges to the main cylindrical brushes, these twin cylindrical brushes then transport the waste hopper. The TASKI Balimat 45 can be used on all hard floors, both indoors and out.

The TASKI Balimat 45 has an easily detachable waste hopper for quick and convenient waste disposal. The quick connection system for the side brushes allow for quick and easy replacement without the need for tools. The TASKI Balimat 45 sweeper cleans up to 5 times faster than using conventional a broom. The side and main brushes can be adjusted to ensure a consistent and thorough cleaning result.

Features & Benefits

Excellent cleaning results. High productivity. Ease of operation. User friendly maintenance. Sold individually.

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