WypAll Reach Airflex CF Blue - 6 rolls x 106m

Stock Code: KC6220

No matter which surfaces they come into contact with throughout their day, give your employees and visitors greater peace of mind by providing proven cleaning and disinfecting workplace hygiene solutions to help break the chain of germ transmission.WypAll® L10 professional wiping paper products are designed for the specific environments where they will be used, helping enable you to deliver on your wiping task every time. These centrefeed blue roll disposable paper wipes are 1 ply and designed for retail and service environments. WypAll® brand embossing increases sheet strength owing to unique pattern ply-bonds across the entire surface of the sheet, also delivering an enhanced appearance and feel to every sheet of WypAll® L10 blue roll. Made specifically for use with the portable WypAll® Reach™ paper wipes dispenser (6221), this easy to handle, portable and enclosed system is designed to keep your centrefeed roll clean, which helps to prevent against transmission of food-borne bacteria. The single sheet dispensing is designed to minimise contamination whilst encouraging efficient use of the blue roll. The sheet by sheet dispensing reduces paper consumption by over 20% and cuts paper waste by over 20%. The unique Airflex™ Technology in this wiping paper is designed for exceptional strength and absorbency. These WypAll® paper wipers are designed to be used once with detergent or disinfectant. These dry cleaning wipes have been tested as compatible for use in spray and wipe application with peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and quats (quaternary ammonium compounds). Spray and wiping compatibility helps to ensure workers can wipe own work spaces, vehicles, desks, seating and food prep areas before and after use. Spray and wipe also helps to enable production workers to clean down / sanitise individual workstations before hand-off to next shift. For environments where fully saturated wiping is a requirement, these WypAll® wiping rolls are tested as compatible with soap/detergent. Always follow manufacturers instructions for dilution, application and contact time. Individual sheet size of these paper wipes is 38cm (L) x 18.3cm (W).

Each WypAll® L10 centrefeed blue roll contains 280 embossed wiping paper sheets Dry cleaning wipes designed for light duty use in service and retail environments Designed specifically for the WypAll® Reach™ wiping paper dispenser (product code 6221) using black dispensing nozzle Wiping Rolls remain clean and enclosed to help prevent against transmission of food-borne bacteria WypAll® brand embossing increases sheet strength owing to unique pattern ply-bonds across the entire surface of the sheet

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