UV-C Decontamination

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UV Light decontamination is a relatively new technique that has been deployed into the healthcare sector. Whilst the treatment is not as intensive as HPV (UV produces a 4-log reduction, as opposed to HPV’s 6-log) it has one major beneficial factor - Speed!

The room to be treated is prepared, exposing as many surfaces as possible to the lamp. The operative will then initiate the cycle, which allows sufficient time to leave the room. The lamp switches on and exposes the surfaces to intensive UV radiation.

Once the cycle is complete, the operative re-enters the room and repositions the lamp after identifying areas which would have been shadowed during the first treatment. The second cycle is then started.

Each cycle lasts approximately 10 minutes. This means that a room receiving pre-treatment preparation and two UV light cycles can be completed in approximately 25 minutes. City and Kent Cleaning offer both managed and ad-hoc UV light decontamination services, utilising Clinell’s UV-360

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