Titan Chlor Plus Tabl. 6x200pc

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One step Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner effective against a wide variety of organisms including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Proteus vulgaris, Staphylococcus aureus.

Titan Chlor-Tabs is a chlorinated effervescent tablet which dissolves quickly to make up solutions of known available chlorine strengths for a variety of sanitising and disinfecting tasks.

Hospital Grade Disinfectant Suitable for sanitising pre-cleaned crockery, hard surfaces, chopping blocks, walls and food preparation equipment Prepare solutions as required Convenient tablet allows accurate chlorine content every time Soluble in warm or cold water For use on hard surfaces including walls, bench tops, pre-cleaned crockery, chopping blocks and food preparation equipment.

Titan Chlor-tabs

Non domestic environments require commercial strength sanitisation.

Cleaning process made much safer for you and your staff

Titan chlor-tabs from Diversey, are fast dissolving chlorine tablets ideal for professional use, providing professional results.

Titan chlor-tabs are a preferred cleaning product because of their rapid performance and effervescence.

Chlorine tablets make cleaning chemical portion control easier, as there is no chance of over pouring liquid chlorine; simply use the amount of tablets necessary to give you the dose you require.

Ideal sanitatiser and perfect for food hygiene areas.

Titan chlorine tablets contain an active ingredient called Sodium dichloroisocyanurate, which is a stable organic chlorine donor Straightforward preparation and easy precise dosage. Can be used in warm or cold water according to your cleaning purposes Specifically formulated for safe use in the food industry. Tablet form reduces wastage of product Just one tablet can produce five litres of solution Rapid effervescence, fast acting formula

Chlorine tablet applications include, but are not limited to, the washing of food products, general kitchen cleaning and surface sanitation, water purification , and the ideal commercial cleaning product.

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