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What is it? Peracide is an in-situ formulated tablet that consists of two precursors (hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid) that react to produce peracetic acid.

Peracetic acid is a highly effective broad spectrum biocide that has been used since the 1950's as a pre formed liquid between 5% or 30%. Pre-formed peracetic acid at 5-30% is corrosive, highly flammable and unstable. It is also difficult to handle and costly to transport. Peracide’s in-situ tablet formulation is able to prevent the solution from being flammable and corrosive, and adding co-actives to the mix can enhance the stability, efficacy and pH of the product.

Peracide is supplied as a soluble tablet, which allows the user to simply measure the correct amount of water and then add the correct number of tablets into the water.

Peracide’s integrated colour indicator system provides clear direction to the user on how to use the product, as it will tell the user when the solution has lost its efficacy.

Throughout its development, Peracide has been through a lengthy series of laboratory tests, in-use and ward trials under the supervision of the Environmental Research Group, which is headed by Professor Peter Wilson at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It’s also BPR & DEFRA approved and has been tested to BSEN standards against: spores, viruses, bacteria and fungi, which include C. diff spores, noroviruses, E. coli and more.

Peracide is also an environmentally friendly product, which produces a completely biodegradable disinfectant. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive making it safe for use on a variety of surfaces including floors, medical instruments and equipment, whilst ensuring there are no health risks posed to plants and humans.

What does it do? Peracide is clinically proven to kill every known micro-organism, including C. diff spores in 15 seconds, amongst other pathogens, with no resistance.

Peracide is an organic chemical that works on natural oxidization when added to water to produce a peroxy-acetic solution.

Chlorine and hydrogen peroxide work on the same oxidisation process, but they produce a weaker chemical, so there’s a need for them to be used at very high concentration and sometimes over the exposure limit in order for them to be effective. They also perform badly in the presence of dirt and soil, whereas this does not affect the ability of Peracide to perform.

As well as being a disinfectant, Peracide is also a multi-purpose cleaner that will remove the heaviest of grease and grime from all hard and soft surfaces. Its multiple capabilities also make it a prime candidate for use on high-contact surfaces and areas, fabrics, such as carpets and upholstery, as well as being used as an all-round disinfectant and de-odouriser in washrooms.

Peracide can be applied in a number of ways, such as spraying. Peracide is used broadly across the healthcare sector.

Managing the spread of infections is a key issue in healthcare sectors. Current disinfectants are failing to achieve this and this is causing growing concern inside and outside the sector.

Existing pathogens and a new generation of pathogens are showing signs of becoming immune to established products.

Peracide offers a reliable and positive alternative to more traditional options and provides safe, practical and sustainable solutions that offer the desired efficacy in the battle against pathogens.

The high concentrations needed for other disinfectants, such as chlorine, sometimes create adverse side-effects for the user, causing irritation, breathing difficulty and blurred vision. Upon breakdown, Peracide produces water, vinegar and carbon dioxide, making it safe for the user, as well as ensuring that it’s environmentally suitable for drain disposal.

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