ARIEL SYS3 Colour Safe Stainbuster - 10LTR

Stock Code: FD004

Ariel Professional S3 Colour-Safe Stainbuster is a liquid laundry additive, to boost the active removal of stains at low temperatures, whilst being also colour safe. It can also provide disinfection. For use with the near-pH neutral Ariel Professional Laundry System at temperatures between 30 and 65°C. Kills 99.999 % of bacteria when washed at 40°C, using system products S1 and S3 for 20 minutes under dirty conditions.

Disinfects according to EU Norm EN1276 Active stain removal in mild washing conditions Removes stains whilst helping to maintain colour and the integrity of fabrics Can be used for white and most colored textiles at temperatures between 30 and 65°C Does not leave chemical overtones on the fabrics (bleach malodors) The smart bleach technology is less aggressive versus hypo chlorine hence safer to use by staff

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