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CK Consumables are committed every day in everything we do to be a sustainable business and operate in an environmentally conscious way.



: We champion suppliers and manufacturers who can give us a better way of manufacturing.

               Motorscrubber – a UK machinery manufacturer

               Diversey – Dilution control systems, Recycled packaging and containers, Sure plant range

               Bio Hygiene - Naturally sourced technology


: We have a program in pace for recycling within our offices and warehouse buildings.


: We re-use and re-purpose all packaging within our warehouse.

:- Pallets are re used and recycled within the delivery business industry. Battery, plastic, general waste, paper, food, packaging.

               :-  All carboard boxes are re-used in our packaging for delivery to our end users.


: We have a program in place to replace all warehouse and office lighting with LED by the end of 2020.


: We have a fleet delivery route planning computer program for efficient delivery of goods to our end users.


: We have a program in place to look further in changing our livery fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles by 2025.